About Us

The Travelogue With A Difference

Dhristi, in many Indian languages, means view or observation. Business and leisure trips combined in the last 20 years, I have visited hundreds of places and attractions around the world. With Dhristi.com, my effort is to create a simple and user-friendly travelogue sharing my travel experience with places visited, Hotels and resorts stayed, events and attractions, Travel tips, and more … Dhristi.com, The travelogue with a difference.

History of Dhristi.com

During the early stages of my professional career, I often traveled to Europe, and I was not that flexible in adapting to different food styles. So on business trips, I used to book hotels mainly near Indian and Arabic restaurants. For future use, I took note of the restaurant location, nearby hotel name or landmark, and photos … this has been an ongoing process for many years.

The turning point was when one of my friends who had to travel to Poland shared a similar food taste with me has contacted me to suggest a Hotel in Warsaw. He also asked for a few tourist attractions he could visit during the weekend. After going through my travel notes, I mailed him the summarized information. I then posted the same content and my photo collections on my personal Facebook page, which received good feedback. Later, I started to share my trip details via social media under the name Dhristi.

In 2018 I consolidated all my travel notes and photo galleries and created the travelogue site

. In parallel, I have created pages on almost all key social media channels, but because of time constraints, the focus that time was only on Facebook. With the launch of the new mobile responsive website, mobile app, and more social media channels, now my goal is to switch Dhristi.com to an inspirational and informational travelogue.

I believe picture speaks louder than words. Almost all the images included in the gallery are my photography, often with standard digital cameras and smartphones (the exception is a few RF images contained in header and blogs . Kindly note that what’s included in Dhristi is my experience at the time of visiting a place/ hotel/ restaurant/ attraction, and not essential that your experience be the same, as it’s dependent on many factors like your interests and tastes, the season of travel and more.

I hope you have enjoyed visiting www.dhristi.com. I believe this travelogue will be helpful for business and leisure travelers who have a similar view and approach. If you have any feedback or suggestion, please let me know. Please also visit and follow the Social Media pages of Dhristi.com